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Fill 'er Up! - or 'stick it in your pump'


May, 2010 update

The impetus behind my 'product' was a solution to aid in completely filling my old Freightliner 100 gallon fuel tank. Due to bad engineering (Freightliner - is this your fault?), the tank could not be filled greater than 75-85%. To get the last 20 or 30 gallons in the tank involved trickling in the flow of diesel at a very slow rate which might take 15-20 minutes. Is this the first fuel tank system you guys have designed? Hello?

To be kind, Freightliner did make it right (and I am very appreciative) and provided a new fuel tank at their expense, but they did not seek me out - this was a 'soft' recall, only the owners that complained would have the benefit of a new tank. I feel really sorry for all of the hundreds (thousands?) of owners that are suffering with the slow fill situation because they don't know any better. We don't need The Wedge any longer - hooray!

Okay - enough ranting.


This wedge is designed to precisely control how much the fuel pump handle is activitated. This device has undergone extensive testing and several double-blind studies. Hmmm - well actually it worked once, so that's good enough for me! --Just like real-world product testing ;-) --

While I am working on the instruction manual, here are a few simple tips for its use:


The wedge

The wedge

Version 2.0 is too thick as you can probably see. Version 2.1 will be a little thinner

The wedge