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We modify our 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon LJ



We got hooked on off-roading several years ago thanks to Jane's brother taking us around in the San Juan mountains of SW Colorado running our Jeep Liberty on the easy trails in the area. After realizing the off-road limitations of the Liberty (and getting frustrated in the process), it was time to throw money at the problem and buy a more capable rig.

Our Rubicon as purchased :

Rubi as we bought her

After much research I decided the 2005 or 2006 Rubicon Unlimited (or "LJ") with the longer wheelbase would be a great choice and very capable but I also realized it would be necessary to add after-market parts and accessories to enhance its capabilities.

After searching on the Internet, we found what we were looking for - a 2006 Rubicon LJ and it was only about 120 miles from home (I was prepared to go out 1,000 miles in the search.) It had a 4" Superlift and 32" ProComp tires and other than that, it was stock which made it a good platform to modify as required.


The very first trail we ran with our "new" Rubi was a moderate-rated trail at the 2011 Chili Challenge (held every February in Las Cruces, NM). After running a couple of moderate-rated trails, it became very obvious that modifications were desperately needed, the first being a sway bar disconnect (which later turned into a Currie AntiRock.)


Rubi as of May 2013



And here's Rubi after countless hours of labor, blood sweat, tears and quite a bit of money! We're climbing an optional obstacle on the Metal Masher trail in Moab, Utah, May of 2013.




So let's take a look at mods we've done on our Rubi. I'm going to start with the latest modifications and improvements and work back in time. It's going to take several weeks to document everything, I have maybe 100 or 200 pictures and thousands of word of text I need to bring over from a Jeep forum.


Mods "R" Us