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Jane and John were sailors of 20+ years of experience from day sailors to our last boat, a 40' ketch with which we lived on for over six years and cruised the Eastern and Southern Caribbean for 15 months. We learned how to be self sufficient and how to make a very small space into a good and safe home. The last boat had a 50 horse diesel engine for propulsion and a small diesel generator. Our stove/oven was propane and all of our lighting was 12 volt. Why the details you might ask? There is a tremendous amount of cross-over between our last boat and our present RV (and the only RV we have ever owned), our Winnebago Itasca Horizon 40AD. Both have 12 volt lighting, diesel engines, 12 volt water pumps, propane stove, etc, etc.

The skills and experiences from boating (John had to be the chief engineer on the boat) helped us to feel comfortable with the complicated systems on the coach greatly minimizing the time to be up to full speed. Speaking of speed, the primary challenge was to to become confident and proficient with driving our 40' long box on smaller roads and in small campgrounds. Jane and I both took a most excellent two-day personal driving class from Dick Reed's RV Driving School (Dick sold the business - here's the new owner) which greatly improved our driving skills. Even with professional instruction, it took about 15-20,000 miles of 'seat' time for Jane and me to become completely comfortable and relaxed while driving. FYI ladies - Jane almost always drives the morning shift, I get the afternoons.

John hangs out on The RV Forum (oldest RV forum on the Internet) where he along with Marty (SargeW) look after the Winnebago and 4-wheeler board. Come on over and join our community!


Legal stuff: While I have attempted to provide the most accurate directions and instructions, you assume all of the risk if you attempt the same procedures, processes, instructions and expect the same results. Your results aren't guaranteed. Perform your due diligence before attempting any modification and satisfy yourself you that have the appropriate skill level, tools and parts to proceed and lots more bla, bla, bla. Now get out there and spend money and have fun.


Modifications to our Horizon

>> ecobee smart thermostat install page 1 updated 12/22/2017 <<

Project underway right now: replacing the Xantrex RS2000 with a Magnum MS2012, write-up soon! The RS2000 control panel was showing an F8 error code and "loss of neutral" which is apparently a fatal flaw. Our coach is getting old enough to where we're replacing stuff previously replaced. Update 12/22/2017 - Magnum installed, if I can find my install notes, I'll write this up.

Service manuals and other documents

Note: These manuals are for reference only - troubleshoot at your own risk. If you aren't an accomplished technician and don't know how to safely work around dangerous electricity, don't do your own work - leave it to the experts!

Our trips - campground notes and pictures, links

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