March 14, 2006: Thanks for looking at the geneology pages! These used to be on the home server; now everything is hosted remotely. I found most of the files and think I have most of them fixed to reflect the new web structure - John Canfield


Genealogy of John Canfield

I am a mixture of the British Isles (back to the 1400s), France and more recently (my mother) the old Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Western European Side of the Family:

Photo album of St Andrews church in Harlestone, Northamptonshire, England where some of my ancestors are buried

Ancestors of John Walter Canfield

Descendants of Jacob R Canfield

Descendants of Matthew Canfield  (My Immigrant ancestor)

The Hungarian Side of the Family:

The Romanian Photo Album pages (The Kadar and Komsa line) - [I have to redo this album - 3/14/06]

Descendents of Jozeph Kadar

Descendents of Andras Komsa