What's this faith stuff?


What happens after we take our last breath and close our eyes for the last time on this earth? Most of us prefer not to think about this part of our existence because it is a very depressing thought for many especially if you have made a good living for yourself and family and have accumulated lots of stuff and have a busy and fulfilling life. When we were in our younger years we thought about making our careers the best they could be and were totally immersed in the present. All of the TV commercials were directly pitching to us as 30-somethings. We felt good if not great all of the time and rarely had the need to see a physician.

Ah, life was good.

Then the 50s came.. more aches and pains. Then the 60s... lots more aches and pains. More trips to see the family doc. Body parts not working so well any longer. Thoughts drift toward the fact that by and large, the bulk of our life is actually over. Wow! How could 30 years have passed by so quickly? What the heck is now left for us? For us as Christians, it 'ain't' over yet, there's lots more to anticipate after we close our eyes for the very last time. There is peace, joy, and complete contentment. Silly? Nope. It's called faith. Here's the plan...