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The glass monster in the salon finally gets replaced with an LCD TV


Due to the number of pictures, I'm splitting this up into two parts. Part 1 is removal of the old TV, Part 2 is installing the new LCD

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March, 2010

Our latest project was to finally relieve our salon of the heavy and bulky Sony 27" television and replace it with a modern LCD model which is DTV ready. As I got into the project I thought it would be a great time to also upgrade the sound system from a faux surround sound to a real Dolby Digital 5.1 system.


What I used:

Let's get started...

Removing the old TV:

Remove trim blocks

Preparing to move TV

Preparing to remove TV

Use a putty knife to break the adhesive seal

Push in on one corner

It's moving!

It's out!!

Adhesive on metal strap or band

Screws on the metal band or strap

Out of the coach and into the loader bucket

Finally out the door into the loader bucket!

Removing the video switch

Let's get the Winegard video switch out of the way for later cabling activity

removing the video switch

The switch box is difficult to move/remove thanks to the Velcro-like stuff on the bottom!


Ready now for some new challenges - installing the new TV!

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