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40,000 55,000 mile ownership experience update!

January 14, 2009

We have now owned our Horizon for about 3 1/2 5 years and have put 40,000 55,000 miles on her. We've been from Florida to Alaska, the East coast to the West coast; we've been on good roads, we've been on horrible roads; stayed in fabulous campgrounds and a few dumps here and there. We have driven in beautiful weather and we have driven in sleet and snow; gone up 10% grades doing 30 mph, gone down 10% grades doing 30 mph!

Overall, we continue to be very pleased with our choice and the wonderful support Winnebago Industries has provided us. We did our pre-purchase due-diligence quite carefully and we are enjoying the fruits of that research. We have zero regrets with our choice made 40,000 55,000 miles ago!

Update May 2010: Yup - zero regrets about our choice of the Horizon - great coach :-)

Okay - so much for the 'touchy-feely' gushing - we have had to deal with several mostly minor issues in our ownership, a couple of more significant ones, but in most cases, the problems have been with vendor-supplied stuff and not the Winnebago-built house. For example:

Such is the life of owning a 'house' that bounces down the road - you are dealing with problems from the moment you take delivery. However, with the right attitude, determination, and available time, you can work through the issues. It also helps to have a dealer that will take care of you and a motorhome manufacturer and vendors that will stand behind their product.

It is with great pleasure to say that we have worked through most problems and the only remaining issue on the list is to get the new filler necks installed. The slow fill problem is completely resolved!! Whoo-hoo!! Then our good coach turns into is a great coach!

Jane and John