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Pull-out table project

This project write-up should really be preceded by the demo and installation of our new engineered maple flooring we had installed by Ernie Eckberg February of 2015, I've been remiss in putting that up on the website primarily due to a rather serious health issue that consumed all of 2015 and part of 2016. I will get the flooring project up soon.

A little more background - why a new table?

While we've always enjoyed and liked our solid cherry wood table (with extra leaf) we had this "OH MY GOSH" moment when I removed the table in preparation to take the coach to Ernie Eckberg for our new flooring. The oh my gosh was "look at all of the room we have without the permanent table!"

For fun, here's a vintage low resolution picture right after we took delivery of our new Horizon at Lazydays (Florida) showing the original interior. I'll keep looking for a better photo - I'll have to dig through a bunch of CDROMs I have.

Vintage pix from 2005


Here's what the salon looked like when Ernie and I started chipping tile and pulling up carpet - the salon is huge with the table and double couch gone!

Day 3 of the flooring project


So, we left the table out of the salon and used TV trays for meals until I felt well enough to design and build a pull-out table, actually just completing it about a month ago (July 2016.) The new table is fantastic if I do say so myself and functioning almost exactly like I planned. Like all projects, I'll present a series of pictures and include some narrative to add details.


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