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Setting up or configuring the Ecobee Si

This is going to be a short section! I figured I would say a few words here otherwise there might be some questions about how to setup the Si. While many of the options are pretty straightford, there is one that is critical. Please look over the Ecobee Smart Si installation manual and familiarize yourself with the various options and how to navigate through the Si menu. Ecobee's documentation I thought was particulary good, so please rely on them and not me.

Configure the Si equipment (tell it how you have it wired up and what equipment it has to control) by selecting Menu> Settings> Installation settings> Equipment. Under equipment select two stages of heat and two stages of cool. Do not select heat pump, this will NOT work!

There are many other options and parameters that are user's choice. Do your research and try different things until you get the Si set up to your desires.

-- end of project--

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