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Installation of a sliding basement tray (SlideMaster by Innovative Industries)

We have a pass-through basement storage area which is very roomy but is comprised of very odd-shaped areas that are almost impossible to access unless things are unloaded. While that has worked for me for a number of months, it is truely a hassle to access everything we have stuffed into all of these areas.

Money can't solve every problem we encounter in life, but it certainly worked in this case! I found this product through advertising in magazines and through recommendations on RV forums.

I called Innovative Industries and talked to Keith and gave him my basement measurements. We discussed possible dates and then made an appointment for factory installation.

We arrived at Innovative Industries in Antigo, Wisconsin Monday May 1, 2006 in the afternoon after a very rainy and windy drive from Osseo, Wisconsin. We got unhooked and levelled as best we could and waited for the next morning for our installation.

We were told the installation would begin at 0630 in the morning so we set the alarm clock for 0530. We were ready and positioned ourselves in front of the bay and waited.. and waited.. and waited. Finally the bay door opened at about 0700 and we backed in.

We were completely finished, paid, stuff reloaded, toad hooked up and on the road at 0900!


Parked behind SlideMaster

Coach in the bay ready for the install

It's 0700 and time for the installation to begin!

Our belongings unloaded

Our stuff was unloaded quickly but took considerably longer to reload!

Test fit of the slide

Is it going to fit??

Installed slide

The new slide packed up

Repacked and somewhere to go!

Out new slide extended with stuff

Notice the Samsung 19" Syncmaster box. This contains our defective PC display - I suppose we will haul it around the country for a while

Another view of the packed new slide