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Replacing the Sleep Number bed controller/air pump


Update September 18, 2014

Ding-dong the witch is dead ;-) Not only did our displays stop working, it would take maybe 40 or 50 presses of the up or down button to add or remove air from the mattress. We had it and weren't going to fix the bed again so we went mattress shopping and found a wonderful 100% foam mattress at a local furniture store. What a happy day when we pulled the Sleep Number bed out, full writeup of what we bought here.


Update July 12, 2013

The digital LCD display on the controllers failed yet again and apparently Winnebago has dropped Sleep Number beds since the vendor was NOT at the 2012 Grand National Rally - we were looking for another replacement. The design and/or engineering of the hand-held controllers I have decided is junk and the next replacement will be a conventional mattress.


Our Horizon came standard with the Sleep Number bed and we have really enjoyed it for three years of intermittent use (including about a year of fulltiming.) While attending the Winnebago Grand National Rally (July 2008), Jane's control starting missing LCD segments. Talk about perfect timing - the manufacturer was in attendance at the GNR and when I mentioned the display problem, he gave me a new controller/air pump unit. He said they were having some problems with the display in the RV environment and redesigned the display.

So - another adventure begins...

A summary of the job:

  1. Removing four screws at the head-end of the bed platform
  2. Remove the headboard (four screws) (if you don't want to remove the headboard, you need to remove all platform screws and disconnect bed struts if you have them
  3. Hinge the head-end of the platform up and back
  4. Remove the wood-grain panel on the bed side of the little table
  5. Reach inside of the mattress following the air tubes until you get to the fitting where it plugs into the air bladder. Squeeze the keeper to release the fitting and pull hose out
  6. Pull staples out of bottom cleat so the wood can be raised for clearance to allow the bed air controls to be removed
  7. Pull air tubes and controls up into the compartment so you can remove the pump/control box
  8. Install strips of heavy duty Velcro on the bottom of the pump/control box (place both hook and loop together, pull off one backing tape to expose the adhesive and stick to the pump/control box. Pull off the other backing tape when you are ready stick the box to the wall. Don't forget to clean the wall area with alcohol first)
  9. Feed air tubes and controls through the gap in the compartment and pull out slack
  10. Pull off the Velcro backing tape and press pump/control box firmly to the wall. Be sure you have enough room on top for the AC cord plug
  11. Route tubes and controls as required
  12. Hook up air tubes to the mattress (pay attention to Left and Right!)
  13. Test the unit before you start reassembling
  14. If all is okay, replace compartment panel
  15. Put bed platform back in position and refasten
  16. Grab the end of the mattress near the top edge and give is a few good shakes to ensure the air bladder is in proper position
  17. Enjoy your handiwork!

New unit as unpacked

This is what the unit looks like as unpacked

Getting started

Bed platform

My platform scooted back because I neglected to remove my bed lifting struts. If you have the bed platform that doesn't lift up (2005 models at least), then just removing four screws on the small hinged panel should be enough. Remove the screws and then hinge up the panel to get it out of the way

Hose ends

Follow the air tubing to the mattress and slide your hand in until you feel the fitting pictures above. Push the retainer and pull the tube out of the mattress. Obviously disconnect both sides. When you reconnect the new tubing, be sure to put the left hose to the left mattress. Insert the tubing fitting on the air bladder and push until you feel a click. Then push another foot of tubing in the mattress pocket

Removal preparation

This picture shows the panel removed and the carpet pulled back out of the way. The small piece of carpet is just stapled down and I recommend pulling it completely out of the way. It is loose by the back wall, so grab it and yank it up and out. Remove the screws on the panel and pull it out of the way. The air controls won't fit under the gap where the wires/tubes are, so it is necessary to pull out the staples on the wood cleat (stapled on both sides) so you can lift the wood up when getting the air controls out of the way. Don't bother trying to reattach the cleat to its neighbor after you install the new unit - it won't make any difference

Pump is removed

The old unit is removed and waiting on the replacement. Say hi to our pet squirrel (the best kind - stuffed!) I removed the carpet completely so it would be easier to reinstall the panel

Ready to install

Ready to install the new unit. Notice the Velcro tape in place. Feed the controls and air tubing from the compartment out and take out the slack. Clean the mounting wall with alcohol before you pull the backer tapes from the Velcro and stick the pump/controller to the wall. Leave enough room at the top to get the AC plug in!

(AC cord out the top, air hoses to the right)

Pump is installed

The unit was tested, then the panel was replaced and I started to button everything up. Route the hoses/wires and put the platform back to its original condition. The job took me about 100 minutes