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Addition of lamp dimmers to bed reading lights

The reading lights above our bed and under the overhead cabinets are a real nice touch and another example of the Winnie designers doing an outstanding job of placing lights, electrical outlets, cigarette lighter outlets and phone jacks everywhere I could possibly want them.

Having said that, I don't particularly care for the lights they chose for the berth reading lights. When Jane is reading and I want to nod-off into la la land, the bright light that floods over bothers me (and vice versa.)

What to do... One possibility was to use a marine or automotive chart light that would focus the light and not interfere with the spouse. That would be an excellent solution and one that I might still implement. What I decided to try first was to add a 12V dimmer to each reading light to see if a lower light level might be an adequate solution to the dilemma.

While at Winnebago for factory service I bought two dimmers that Winnie uses in our bedroom to dim the overhead lamp; they were very pricey at $37.50 each (as of April 2006) however the package shows them to be a King Controls part. Maybe you can find a bargain price on the Internet somewhere.

Update May, 2010: the dimmers are used every night we are on the coach. Totally worthwhile mod!


.The King Controls dimmer

Here's the King Controls dimmer as purchased

Ready to drill a hole for the dimmer

Here is the funky reading light hanging down. Not a high-dollar fixture but it does its job

Dimmer wiring

All wired and ready to button it up!

All finished

Project complete!