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Surge Guard permanent installation

The thought of having a "silent sentry " on duty all of the time watching, measuring and checking the AC voltage that is coming in to the coach was powerful enough to let fly about 300 dollars out of my wallet. One of the most popular brands is the Surge Guard manufactured by TRC in Clearwater, Florida..

I wanted a hard-wired (permanently installed) model and I chose the 34560 model.

Wiring was fairly simple (well, for me it was - I don't know what your skill level is.) I had to buy about a five foot piece of 6/4 cable at my local electrical jobber - wow - about two bucks a foot!

Let's look at the pictures:


The completed installation

There are several choices of where to mount the box. You choose! Any orientation is okay except horizontal (flat on its back) Here is where I mounted mine. The large gray "cylinder" in the middle is the electrical cord reel (how do I love thee - let me count the ways!) The box to the right of it is the newly (9/2/05) installed Xantrex RS2000 Inverter Charger.

Wiring details

Some wiring details. Not meant to be a schematic of your particular application, if you are depending on this for detailed instructions of how to wire your Surge Guard, then I think it is best to let a qualified electrician do the job!