Jane and John's Summer 2009 trip

Driving distance: 7,500 miles  Fuel economy: still 7.8 mpg

Summer 2009 trip
1>2 June 20, 2009 Our ranch to Caddo Mills, TX Dallas NE/Caddo Mills KOA - our summer travel begins!
3 June 21, 2009 Caddo Mills, TX to Benton, AR I-30 Travel Park - don't remember a thing about this place! Must not have been too bad ;-)
4 June 22, 2009 Benton, AR to Lebanon, TN Camera icon Countryside Resort - Okay place, heavily wooded but there are some sites that are satellite-friendly.  Friendly staff. Would stay here again.
5 June 23, 2009 Lebanon, TN to Max Meadows (Wytheville), VA Camera icon Ft Chiswell RV Park - Second time we stayed here. Great stop for a night or longer, good pet walk area, handy to truck stops for a fill-up. Satellite-friendly.
6 June 25, 2009 Max Meadows (Wytheville), VA to Carlisle, PA Camera icon Western Village RV Park - Almost a continuous tree canopy - absolutely no hope of satellite here. Traditional old RV park originally designed for weekenders with travel trailers, but they could accommodate larger rigs. Office contact person not real friendly. Not particularly handy to the Interstate, but that meant less noise. Our site was way unlevel.
7 June 26, 2009 Carlisle, PA to Courtland, NY Yellow Lantern RV Park - met up with our old sailing and now RV buddies, Bob & Judy. Jane and Judy are hiking in the area. This campground is old and tired, very, very tired. It needs a bunch of money and TLC to make it a place we would want to stay in again. In fact, this is one of the five worst campgrounds we have ever stayed in (very poor roads, marginal electricity, dumpy looking, etc.)
8 June 29, 2009 Courtland, NY to Ithaca, NY Camera icon Pinecreek Campground - we'll never be back to this one! Interior roads NOT designed for big rigs, we kept blowing our 30 amp breaker (we can get by nicely on 30 amps if the breaker is good), tree limbs overhanging the road (they trimmed them when I complained though), our site was not very level, and the place is full of seasonals. The campground had the gall to call us after we left saying we owed them for a week's worth of electricity!!! Nothing was mentioned about that at check-in and it was not stated on the papers they give you on check-in (that I'm aware of.) Told them no way I'm paying. Never heard of a place charging metered electric for a week. I suspect we were a $$ target due to our size. More hiking here for Jane and Judy.
9 July 7, 2009 Ithaca, NY to Quechee, VT Camera icon Quichee Pine Valley RV Park - lots to see and do in the area, nice RV park, but lots of trees. We did get a site that was satellite-friendly - #7.
10 July 10, 2009 Quechee, VT to St Johnsbury, VT Camera icon Moose River Campground - this is one our top five favorites! Small park (five acres), neat as a pin, activities, easy to get to, friendly owners, and if you're very lucky, you get a spot that backs up to the Moose River. Outstanding.
11 July 14, 2009 Quechee, VT to Stowe, VT Gold Brook Campground - okay place. Lots of open area to walk/play with our Corgi. Satellite-friendly. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory is about ten miles to the south.
12 July 16, 2009 Stowe, VT to Westfield, VT Camera icon Barrewood Campground - Friendly owner. Very pet-friendly. Close to the Quebec border. Very satellite-friendly.
13 July 18, 2009 Westfield, VT, to Skowhegan, ME Camera icon Two Rivers Campground - just an overnight stop. Another tired old typical campground of the northeast - poor water pressure, poor electric, limited maneuvering room, lots of trees, etc.
14 July 19, 2009 Skowhegan, ME to Eastport, ME Camera icon Seaview Campground and Cabins - Eastport is a really neat little coastal Maine town. Seaview has great views (from the lower sites), but we had a bad breaker. Complained to management and nothing was done. Good lobster dinner on the property, but not enough restaurant help - the second time we wanted to eat there, we gave up and left after waiting 20 minutes to get waited on. The owner sat on a bar stool the entire time and chatted with his mates.
15 July 23, 2009 Eastport, ME to Trenton. ME Camera icon Timberland Acres RV Park - handy to Bar Harbor, and Acadia National Park. large park, large sites, very satellite-friendly. Good choice instead of staying closer to Bar Harbor.
16 July 26, 2008 Trenton. ME to Wells, ME Camera icon Wells Beach Resort - a former KOA. The largest and most densely pack RV park we have ever stayed. Not much grass around for walking Fido. Nicely maintained park, but way, way, way too crowded for us. A favorite of Canadians. Wells Beach has almost no public parking. We won't be back.
17 July 29, 2008 Wells, ME to Scotia, NY Arrowhead Marina and RV Park - interesting place on the river that is popular (as you might guess) with boaters. An okay place for an overnight stop, lots of trees and mosquitoes. Good place to play with the doggy. Complete tree cover, so forget about using any kind of satellite dish here.
18 July 30, 2008 Scotia, NY to Endicott, NY Pine Valley RV Park and Campground - the absolutely weirdest (and by a large margin the worst) camping experience we have ever had. Owners are total rule freaks. The interior roads are very poor, the park is very old and tired, lots of junky seasonals all over the place. NOTE: If you use GPS to route you to this park, it will invariably route through Endicott and under an overpass with 12' 6" clearance! Read the park's web site for an alternate route. Actually, do yourself a big favor and avoid this place like the plague.
19 August 3, 2009 Endicott, NY - Staunton, VA Camera icon Walnut Hills KOA - we stayed here a couple of years ago when it wasn't a KOA. Then it was in serious need of lots of TLC. Now - it is a KOA and has had the TLC it so desperately needed. It's a pretty decent place to stay! We would stay here again.
20 August 4, 2009 Staunton, VA to Mouth of Wilson, VA Camera icon Grayson Highlands State Park - we volunteer here every couple of years. John does the Friends of Grayson Highlands web site and maintains their weather station computer. Challenging roads to get a big rig in here, but it can be done safely.
21 August 15, 2009 Mouth of Wilson, VA to Surry, VA Camera icon Chippokes Plantation State Park - a very, very interesting place - don't miss this one! We were here for volunteer work.
22 August 24, 2009 Surry, VA to Gaffney, SC Freightliner factory service to get our fuel tank replaced (it's a long story.)
23 August 26, 2008 Gaffney, SC to Selma, NC Camera icon RVacation - excellent overnight stop (or longer.) Good pull-throughs. Very close to I-95, so be prepared for some noise.
24 August 27, 2008 Selma, NC to Bayboro, NC Camera icon River's Edge Family Campground - while this is more of a fishing camp for locals, we found it quite nice, very friendly owners/staff. Be prepared for standing water after a hard rain - drainage needs to be improved. We stayed here while visiting friends in Oriental - we will be back!
25 September 1, 2009 Bayboro, NC to Max Meadows (Wytheville), VA Back to Fort Chiswell (see #5 above)
26 September 3, 2009 Max Meadows (Wytheville), VA to S. Charleston, OH Tomorrow's Stars - popular park and handy to Dayton, OH. An okay place but extremely busy on holidays.
27 September 7, 2009 S. Charleston, OH to Delaware, OH Cross Creek Camping Resort - we stayed here a couple of years ago and it was not a good experience. They didn't know which sites were 50 amp and which were 30 amp. Unfriendly bordering on rude staff. Park needed lots of TLC. Fast forward to this summer - wow what a difference! Friendly staff, improved facilities, beautiful flowers everywhere - very nice! Good job!
28 September 14, 2009 Delaware, OH to Muncie, IN Camera icon Academy of Model Aeronautics - John is here to fly his remote controlled model airplanes. You must be a member of the AMA to camp here.
29 September 21, 2009 Muncie, IN to Charleston, MO Boomland RV Park - at 10 or 12 bucks for the night, you can't beat this for an overnight. Lots of sandspurs - bad news for the doggy. Easy walk to a so-so cafeteria and a huge tourist shop and fireworks store.
30 September 22, 2009 Charleston, MO to Arkedelphia, AR Arkedelphia Campground - an old former KOA. Lots of trees. Okay for an overnight stop, nothing special.
31 September 23, 2009 Arkedelphia, AR - Elm Mott (Waco), TX I35 RV Resort - really good overnight stop. Lots of open sites for satellite reception. We had an excellent breakfast in their little cafe. We'll be back!!
32 September 24, 2009 Elm Mott (Waco), TX to Harper, TX (home!!) Thank you Lord for 7500 miles of safe travel - we are very blessed :-)