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New Flooring! (Page 1)

This was an idea we entertained for quite a few years since we never liked the mix of tile and carpet in our Horizon from the day we purchased the coach. Like most carpet, ours was getting dirty after a few years and stained to the point where it looked awful (and the tile/carpet flooring made the interior looked discongrius or 'chopped up' - there was no visual flow.)

I mulled over the idea of tackling the flooring overhaul myself but the more I thought about the details and challenges of the project, I decided to turn the job over to an expert, Ernie Eckberg Remodeling and Repair. As we got started on the project, my decision to not do the job myself was a good one.

Most (if not all) RVs are built with the flooring on the chassis, then they drop the house part down on this assembly covering up some of the previously installed flooring. Chipping and digging out the old tile was going to be hard and messy work so the new flooring can be placed under the cabinetry. THe other challenge was how to deal with installing new flooring on the slide.

The old and the new

This project write-up will be light on the narritive and heavy on the pictures which speak for themselves. First we start with an enhanced picture of dear wife Jane exploring our brand new Horizon right after we took delivery at Lazydays in Seffner, Florida.

The original interior

Here we go with the flooring job! We chose engineered wood in a light maple wood.Day 2 demo

Day 2 demoChipping up the old tile was a time consuming and difficult job for us old guys!

Day 3 progress

Day 3

Day 3

Day 3

Day 3


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