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The improved Freightliner information center display by Medallion Instrumentation


Feb 29, 2016 update

A website user (thanks Albert!) has found a good source for the display:

Ross Equipment, 800-290-9798. Current price is $217.oo plus tax and freight.

May 2010 update

The contact information three paragraphs down most likely is long outdated and from what I understand, you cannot buy one for $75 any longer - I think the price is more like $300 now.


September 14, 2005

The original Freightliner Information Center display was virtually useless. Your face needed to be perpendicular and close to the display to see it clearly enough. Why oh why in the world did Freightliner EVER accept these displays from their contractor. Who knows?

Fortunately I found out about the new and improved displays while hanging around the discussions forums at rv.net. Here is the thread that caught my eye and alerted me to the fix. I believe Freightliner should retrofit every one of the original and absolutely worthless displays at their expense. As it stands now, I believe it is solely up to the owner to fork over 75 bucks. I did and what a difference the new display makes. You be the judge for yourself in the pictures below.

To get your very own new and improved display, call Medallion Instrumentation at 1.888.750.2132 . The lady taking phone orders was very pleasant and said this is a special hot line just for taking orders of the new display. They are apparently expecting a lot of business :-)

Here are a few pictures of the new display and how to replace it on a similar Vectra/Horizon model.

New display


New display

Since this picture was taken in September, 2005, our average fuel economy now (5/2010) runs 7.8 MPG when averaged over several thousands of miles. This is with a gross combined weight (coach+Jeep) of about 36,000 pounds

Dash picture

This picture doesn't have much to do with the info center. Here I'm showing off my wireless SMI Silent Partner (control box below the compass/temp display) - unfortunately SMI discontinued the product. I have been completely happy with the brake controller!

Back of the info center display inside the dash

This is the rear of the info center. Due to the dash structure blocking access to the right hand mounting screws, I drilled two 3/8 inch access holes to make removing and installing the display reasonably easy; otherwise I would have needed to taken apart some of the dash mounting hardware and brackets