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So - whadda we got here??


Jane and John support our troops!

There are about 30+ pages of modifications and improvements we have either done ourselves, or had done to our 2005 Winnebago Itasca Horizon 40AD coach. We have significantly improved it over the many years of ownership. You'll find all of that in the RV Stuff menu.

Next is a photo gallery (oddly enough called gallery in the menu) - there are maybe a thousand pictures of our travels, more RV stuff, and some pictures of our little ranch and shop (and some odds and ends.)

The blog is a four year running commentary on some of our highlights of primarily traveling around the country (and Canada/Alaska) in our coach.

John is a bit of a weather nut so for the last ten years has had a weather station running at the place in Texas and the old house in central Florida. Ranch weather on the menu will take you to our current weather (updated every ten minutes.)

We have two three several live web cams running, one is looking south from the front of our little house, one overlooks a pen where we now have a pet axis deer to look after (we inherited it from a neighbor that had to move), one overlooks water troughs and where we put out hay in the winter months, and the last public accessable cam overlooks our water storage tanks.

Faith - have you thought about what happens when you close your eyes for the last time and take your last breath on this earth?

John got interested in his genealogy a few years ago and has traced both mom and dad back several hundred years. Some work needs to be done on the genealogy pages. Maybe one of these days I'll clean them up (or not.)

July, 2013 - Jeep mod pages on the way! (4/27/2015 - slowly on the way ;-) )
June - 2016 update, maybe not LOL. Sept 2018 - not yet!

Our Rubicon in our shop

Yea - I'm working on a new Jeep section! I have the menu system modified and I'll slowly be adding content.
June 2016 Sept 2018 - Sigh, not yet!



     Our coach

Where are we? Click on the picture and find out!

We're either in Texas, Colorado, or Utah :-)

9/5/2018 - We're going to be home most of the
time now!

Watch Jane shoot the .308 Bushmaster EBR (evil black rifle)


The current date and time at the ranch is: 07/16/24 13:46:39 CDT


Random image from our photo gallery

Latest photo gallery

Our latest Photo Album
The 2015 Itasca Ultra Ellipse coach

webcam still shot Check out the web cam page - we have several cams that will stream live images and you can control two cams!


Weather instruments
Find out what's going on at the ranch (weather-wise) by going here. We also upload the weather data every 10 minutes to the Weather Underground (not to be confused with the anarchist group of looney radicals from the 1960s.) You can see their nice presentation of our data here. The weather station is a wireless Davis Vantage Pro2 with the sensors about 25 feet in the air sitting on top of the shop. I am now running the weather station software (weeWX) on tiny, fan-less PC running Ubuntu Linux.


John, Sassy and the Jeep Rubicon

John, Sassy, and our 2006 Jeep Rubicon LJ (long wheelbase) at Silver Basin, San Juan mountains
taken on Aug 19, 2012. Sassy the corgi passed away in 2014 :(

Suzuke Carry mini truck


Suzy the truckette gets a lift and gets a complete makeover!